In March of 2004, Anne Leader accompanied a friend to a small village outside Mosorró, Brazil to visit a young girl being sponsored through World Vision.  Each carrying two suitcases full of school supplies, arts and crafts supplies, toys and clothing for the children, and their few personal belongings in small backpacks, they embarked on a journey that would prove to have a life transforming impact on Anne.

In spite of the challenges facing this community, the first Canadians to ever visit their village were graciously welcomed by the children performing a play about hope followed by a beautiful capoeira dance.  Afterwards, everyone sat down together and shared a magnificent feast.

Anne was deeply moved by the kindness and generosity of her Brazilian hosts.  Upon returning home and reflecting on her experiences, she felt a deep desire to return their generosity in some form.  That desire sparked the inspiration that was to become the World Youth Music Organization.

The World Youth Music Organization, a.k.a. WYMO intends to provide children with an opportunity to play music, and nurture a lifelong passion for the creative arts.  Team WYMO is made up of a talented and committed Board Of Directors and gifted volunteers dedicated to seeing the creation of sustainable music programs for children everywhere.

In order for these programs to be successful in all parts of the world, it is essential to support both indigenous music and modern music to keep unique cultural identity alive and young people engaged.  The intention is to have an on-going dialogue with community leaders and work in partnership with them to create music programs that will fulfill this mandate.

The stand taken by the World Youth Music Organization is that within each of us lies the potential for full self-expression, wellness, and joy.  We are committed to the belief that bringing music into the lives of children in an active participatory way can contribute to the enrichment and transformation of their lives and move a generation forward in the direction of peace. 

We believe in the power of music to ignite the magnificence of the human spirit.